Barn Animals

Living in our barn (along with the mice and the bats!) are 12 hens and 7 Nigerian Dwarf goats. We fully admit that we love and pamper them like pets!

This year we will be adding 17 more chicks and 4 Pekin duckings to our family! Stay tuned for photos, coming late April/early May 2018.

In addition to adding baby fowl, three of our does are pregnant– Nutmeg, Cassia, and Banda are due to give birth in the beginning of May!

Our goats:

Nutmeg is a 3-year-old doe who is pregnant with her third set of kids.

1-year-old Cassia and Banda, who are also pregnant, are Nutmeg’s kids.

India (aka “Lammy”), currently our youngest goat at 12 months old, is Nutmeg’s kid as well.

Rosie is a 3-year-old doe who has given birth twice before, but we decided not to breed her this year as she was “in milk” through December and wanted to give her a break! She’s a fantastic milk producer, making an average of 1 1/2 quarts of milk per day.

Rhubarb, our buck’s companion, is a hermaphroditic goat who is hands-down our favorite goat due to her sweet and goofy personality.

Mike (real name: “Light ’em Up”), our buck, is simply adorable and lovable. He loves being scratched and will close his eyes, lean on you, and start drooling if you pet him long enough! He is India’s dad, as well as the dad of the coming kids.